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WordPress SQLite Repack is a preconfigured, ready-to-use WordPress package with SQLite database back-end.

WordPress is using MySQL by default but SQLite database support can be provided via a plugin called ”PDO (SQLite) For WordPress“.

This package is based on a WordPress 2.9.2 release which has been proven to work great with ”PDO (SQLite) For WordPress” plugin.

Why use SQLite database?

SQLite is fast and extremely light. It does not need any additional software than server with PHP support (every server now). MySQL uses dedicated server software binded to specified IP and Port, whereas SQLite uses normal files as database container.

For example: if MySQL server crashes or shutdowns, site will stop working what is impossible in SQLite case, because there is local file without option of “disconnect”.

SQLite is recommended for websites with less than 100 thousands visits per day (course it can work in them without problem, but few thousands disk queries per minute can make server administrator angry – in the end, it is also a human). Huge plus of SQLite usage is extremely portability of websites, because them can be moved between servers using “Copy & Paste” method what is impossible in MySQL case.

Contents of the ”WordPress SQLite Repack”:




  • Since there is no needed for the MySQL database configuration, this config is ready to use as is. Further modifications are not required.



PHP 5.0 or greater
The mod_rewrite Apache module

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1. Copy contents of “wordpress” folder to your server.

2. Set privileges to 777 using chmod for these directories:

  • wp-content/database
  • wp-content/uploads

3. Open your page using your favorite browser.

4. Follow installation instructions visible on the screen.

5. After clicking “Install WordPress” you will see a “strange page” – it’s installation of SQLite database by “PDO (SQLite) For WordPress“. Wait until this page will end loading.

6. Navigate to down of that “strange page”. Copy your password to Administration Panel and click “Log in”.

7. Log in to Administration Panel:

  • Username: “admin”
  • Password: <copied_from_the_strange_page>

8. Navigate to Plugins and Activate “Disable WordPress Core Update” plugin.

9. That is all.

(Optionally) Change your WordPress Administrator password to something that is easy to remember.


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