Pdo for Wordpress v. 2.7.0

Вышла новая версия плагина – pdo-for-wordpress-2.7.0

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This plugin is not a simple Wordpress plugin. Beware. You cannot just put the files in plugins and enable through the control panel. This is because the database needs to be connected adn established BEFORE the plugins are loaded.

So … to install PDO For Wordpress please do the following:


Step 1: unzip the files in your wp-content directory. After unzipping the structure should look like this


The key thing is the presence of the pdo directory and the db.php file in the ‘root’ of the wp-content directory.

Step 2: Edit your wp-config.php file so that:

this line of code is placed directly after the define(‘COLLATE’,”); line:

define('DB_TYPE', 'sqlite');    //mysql or sqlite

Note: currently only mysql and sqlite are supported. I hope that more flavours will appear soon.

As part of the general wordpress installation you should define your secret keys too (in wp-config.php).

and that’s it. two steps.

The next time you load your wordpress installation it will automatically create the database and take you through the basic Wordpress installation routine. If you have problems with the installation you should receive a meaningful error messsage. If not, the most common error by far is permissions. You MUST make sure that php can read/write to wp-content/database.

Изменения следующие:

version 2.7.0 – 2010 January 13
changes in the WP installation code broke this plugin. Compatibility is now fixed through a rewrite of wp_install
changes in 2.8.1 broke some other functionality. Essentially greater use of mysql >=4.1 functions means that it’s a constant game of catch up to rewrite. Really the WP core team should go back to basics and use pure SQL ANSI syntax (particularly if the rumours about migration to MS SQL are true)
Move to UDF’s in place of a whole bunch of regex work. this should speed up execution.
and other minor changes.
still have to fix up the debug code. it’s horribly clunky but we need very accurate feedback to debug failing queries…

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